Pimped and Nothing

Social media has made it easier for people to become famous

It is a lot easier to become a celebrity these days, because of social media, one is able to connect easily and faster to a large group of people. Most of them are just crazy, doing things that are unsafe, uncomfortable and irrational simply because they can. At an early age, I started admiring the roles that young women in the various pageantries in Ghana play, I admired the way they are able to display the beautiful Ghanaian culture and how they speak English and get their audience to listen to all the things they do especially on stage. I also looked at the many television hosts and hostesses and told myself I was going to be like one of them one day. I started writing letters (letter writing was more common then) to some of these people I looked up to as role models while I was still in basic school. I never received any reply though, maybe the letters never got to them or they got to them but they did not reply. Maybe too, they replied but the replies never got to me.  Continue reading “Pimped and Nothing”