Beautiful Monster

bracelets are Jewels worn on either the left or right wrists by both men and women

I am created beautiful, I can be created out of gold, silver, or any other durable metallic object and even beads. Sometimes, I am a combination of both metal and beads. When I am created out of beads, it brings out the African in me. There is no way you would say I am not beautiful when you see me. I am a twin…Yes I have a twin sister, but we are used similarly but differently on the body of a woman especially the African woman.

In as much as I’m beautiful, society has soiled me with dirt, which makes me look like a monster in the eyes of many. My white name has been soiled with muddy water leaving my twin sister being clean.. So I am alone in this battle. My image has been tarnished to the extent that, it goes a long way to affect those who use me. In fact, I can confidently say that they (my users) feel the heat and wrath of society more than I do. I thought I was an object of culture and fashion in the whole world but with time I realized I’m even treated like an outcast and a taboo in some parts of the world which affects those who use me.

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The Mobile Taxi

Sometimes you look too good to take a Trosky

Imagine that you live in Kumasi and you have to attend an important meeting in Accra, you received the notification the night before, you book a flight because if you have to drive all the way to Accra because you will be late. Upon getting to Accra, your friend who promised to give you one of his cars to use in Accra calls to inform you the car has developed a fault and he cannot pick you up because he is busy. You decide to pick a taxi but the driver quotes an amount that you cannot come to terms with, you do not even have enough cash on you. Then you remember that you ever downloaded an app called UBER that can take you to your destination. So you pull your smart phone from your pocket, check the price from your location to your destination and it is moderate, and also check the distance of the car from where you are and they are more than necessary cars available. You do the obvious, book the car and pay through mobile money at your arrival. As you enjoy the ride to your destination, you pass through some streets that are restricted (taxis are not allowed on the street), then you smile and ask yourself what would have happened if you used the taxi. Yes, that is the beauty of technology! You can book a cab from the comfort of your room in a discomfortable situation, maybe when it is raining. The major towns of operation in Ghana are Accra and Kumasi.  Continue reading “The Mobile Taxi”