The Woes of “Kurrency”

Solid waste can be recycled, reused, burned or buried

Various waste materials are disposed off in diverse ways. For instance drainage facilities carry some liquid waste to their destinations. Some solid waste can also be burned, buried or recycled. Have you ever wondered what happens to our currency when it loses its value? Do we burn it or throw it away? We all use and spend money but what happens to the money when it’s no longer valuable, what happens to it? Interestingly, no matter how bad or wretched-looking money is, the value remains the same. We all love to handle new money but unfortunately, many of us do not know how to take care of it. When people get new currency notes, they are reluctant to spend it. If this is the case, why do we allow that fresh note to get battered? Can we be careful how we handle them so that they can maintain the freshness for a long time? Maybe if money could speak, one day they will ask some of us questions about why we treat it the way we do.

Currency refers to money in any form when in actual use or circulation as a medium of exchange, especially circulating banknotes and coins. It is an undeniable fact that money is very important for all transactions throughout the world though different countries use different currencies; thus, one country’s currency cannot be used as a medium of exchange for goods and services in another country. Continue reading “The Woes of “Kurrency””



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If you are reading this blog post, congratulations!  You just passed the… Naah, you probably read that somewhere before! 

In the space of 3 weeks, since RAW IS WAR VOl.1, I have made more enemies than psychopathy ever made Hitler and well, been seen as the Ghanaian hero who saved the world from a possible Herpes pandemic. I should join Earth’s mightiest heroes- the Avengers. What will I be called? Herpes-Man or Gono-man? Wheew! The choice is yours!

Nevertheless, if you are reading this blog post, I am pretty sure you have read the critically acclaimed  RAW IS WAR Vol 1. Give it a thoughtful read.

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I honestly have to emphasize, “RAW IS WAR” isn’t to scare you. Truth be told, you are more likely to die by a plane crash than an STI.  Rather, these blog posts are to educate you on…

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