About Schools, Scams and Shawshank

Life Hacks With Dr.C

There’s a new scam in town. Well, not so new, since it’s been around for a pretty long while. It’s not a Ponzi scheme, and it’s definitely not sim swap fraud. It’s worse than those, and yet it’s so well accepted by everyone. Actually, it’s an idea so well sold that your grandpa will question why you haven’t bought into it yet.

I have been thinking a lot these days about a lot of things. That might be because I’m an unemployed graduate (who now knows there are 48 full and 28 half tiles in the loo). Could also be because lately, I’ve been reading a lot of stuff. Whichever, who cares.
One of those thoughts has been ‘why did I go to school?‘. Too many nights have passed and I still can’t think of a good enough reason.

Now I tried getting views from other people, both young and…

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