The Silent Victim

We live in a society where women are always seen as vulnerable and victims of so many

A lot of men are victims of domestic violence

situations. Men are always accused of abusing and taking advantage of their female counterparts. Every year the police and those in human rights and domestic violence  would handle thousands of cases of women who are  suffering abuse at the hands of men. This drew serious condemnations from various quarters which resulted in the enactment of laws to protect the weaker sex (women) from such brutal abuses. Taking a closer look at our society, I have come to realise that a lot of men, both married and unmarried are living in hell and many of them are dying slowly. Many more will die if they are not rescued from the situations they find themselves in. When a man finds himself in a bad situation that causes pain to him, we use expressions like “men don’t cry”, “be a man”, behave like a man”, and many more to console them. Interestingly, most women say they abused a man in self-defense. A lot of men are wasting in jail because they abused a woman physically, emotionally or sexually. That is why I call them THE SILENT VICTIMS!

Women are seen as weaker than men and hence cannot harm men

Ironically, I have not come across any law, or constitution that suggests that men and women are not equal or that men can enjoy certain rights and the vice versa. The law says we are all equal, which means we must all receive the same treatment. An abused man should be given the same treatment as a woman who is abused. Continue reading “The Silent Victim”