Why Do We Obey Rules

Obeying the law is one way of ensuring stability in the society

Have you ever wondered what would happen in our society if there were no rules and regulations? Anyone could just get up and do anything but you cannot complain because there is no defined behaviour for people in the society to follow.  It is interesting how we are socialised to believe a particular way is the best way of doing something and we insist that things be done that way. Sometimes we do not even know the reason(s) why we are told things should be done this way or that way. If we were taught as we were growing up that it is best to greet people with our left hand, I am very sure we would have been emphasising on that and felt insulted anytime someone greets us with the right hand. Or if we were brought up to understand that slapping each other was the best way to say hello, we would have guarded this value jealously. Ironically, what is acceptable  in one society may not be unacceptable in another society because different societies across the world have varying beliefs, values, rules and regulations. Continue reading “Why Do We Obey Rules”



shadowEven in light itself

In it’s pure, grace filled form

Is darkness

As ugly as we perceive it

Or beautiful…under pretense

But we just can’t deny it

The darkness in each and every heart

God made us pure

we can’t just tell the origin of the icky blackness

It casts its power

Spilling slowly, thick black ink

And its nudges

Us tempts…Beckoning, so appealing

“Come closer ” she says

So do not be petrified

When you see me next Tuesday

Don’t be petrified when you see me with a bloody hatchet

A bloody hatchet in hand

This poem is written my cousin, ESTHER BOKUMA, a student of the University for Development Studies, Tamale campus