A Walk Along the Coast

Sunrise at the beach

It is early morning along the coast of Ghana in the busy fishing community, Winneba, and residents are gathered at the shore overlooking the sea to welcome the fishermen from sea. The beautiful morning sun is lazying across the sky. Birds are soaring in the sky and boats are dotted on the sea like tress in a savanna land. Fishermen who did not go to sea the previous night are busily carrying their fishing nets from one end of the shore to the other and women can be seen balancing pans and trays of different sizes on their heads waiting for the fishermen to bring the fish to the shore. Some few children are seen loitering around. Some older boys are also busy climbing the coconut trees nearby to pick some of the fruits from the trees. The boats begin streaming in—different colorful canoes up to 140 feet long, each hull carved from a single tree, the fishermen from sea draw close to the shore, they tie one end of the rope to a coconut tree on the shore while the other half is tied to the boat and begin to pull the nets to the shore. Continue reading “A Walk Along the Coast”