The African Woman

Women from different parts of the world

Women all over the world come in different shapes, sizes and colours. My focus however is THE AFRICAN WOMAN, she is one big package I want to unpack. The African woman is heavily built with full curves at where curves are supposed to be and also have full calves. Even though some may be short, quite a large number of African women are of considerate height. Some may be a little light-skinned but a majority of them have beautiful dark African skin that is usually shiny. As for her hair, it is a marvel, she has dark, long and soft hair that is usually braided into corn row or Rasta or other styles. Her mountainous back is a sight to behold. To sum it up, she is BEAUTIFUL! No wonder when she passes by any man, he turns to look at twice. No wonder one female Ghanaian musician, Becca in one of her songs “African Woman” said… Continue reading “The African Woman”