how I got my smock from U/W/R!

In My smock

Once upon a time, long time ago, a Reverend Sister by name Sis. Pazel from Burkina Faso visited a town called Nandom in the Upper West Region of Ghana.  This Reverend Sister did not just visit Nandom empty handed. Can you guess what she brought? Well, She brought along a skill! A skill in WEAVING! At that time, many of the young women in Nandom were not attending school, so Sis. Pazel and other Reverend sisters in Nandom would mobilise these young ladies together and teach them how to weave cloths. The reason for teaching the young ladies this vocation was to help them earn income and improve their livelihood.

Displaying his black and white smock

Through that, some of the young ladies also became Reverend sisters and others also got married. To weave the cloths, cotton was spun into thread like they still do in Daboya and some parts of the Upper East and Northern Regions. Cloths were woven in plain white only, if they wanted to weave in different colours, then they had to dye the white thead into their drsired colours.  The woven cloths were made into smocks which were worn by men whilst the ladies used the cloths to design slit and kaba. Continue reading “how I got my smock from U/W/R!”


students without a leader

IMG-20160330-WA0008It’s once again time for us to elect student leaders for the only teacher training university in Ghana, UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION, WINNEBA! Aspiring student leaders are moving round from classroom to classroom, hostel to hostel, canteens and even summer huts where students are studying. It is not an easy task. Money that would have been used to pay fees is spent printing campaign materials, time that could have been used for studies is spent moving around to campaign, energy  as well as other resources are spent.

Students in a queue to cast their votes

Yes! It is very much understood  that the University is not only a place where one acquires academic knowledge. It is a universal place where a lot of things such as socialisation and so on go on. Continue reading “students without a leader”

Under the underwear

IMG-20160319-WA0049I am always late for class, preps, dining, and almost every activity you can associate with the boarding house. I don’t go late because I enjoy being late. I am afraid my friends will call me names when they discover I have no CLITORIS! Where did mine go? In my community, a lady  is not a lady until she has gone through the process of circumcision otherwise know as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). This removes the clitoris of the vagina or the clitoris and the vagina wall. While some go through it at birth,  others grow and willingly agree to be circumcised despite the pain and dangers that come with it. Continue reading “Under the underwear”

When green doesn’t mean Go!

Traffic lights

Right from the first time we all enter school, one of the poems we are taught is “When you see a traffic light”.

This poem says when you see a traffic light, there is something you should know. Red❤ means stop! Yellow 💛means get ready,  Green💚 means go go go and go!



Many Ghanaian children know this poem and for many years as we grow, this poem remains in their heads! Continue reading “When green doesn’t mean Go!”


So I decided to take a walk through town one early morning a few days after the first Saturday of the month and it was an eyesore.  This is actually nothing to write home about. But someone definately has to write something home about it. That unfortunate person happens to be me. What has happened to our sense of reasoning? Gutters are choked with sand, grass and the chief of all is rubbish! Plastic waste! Right in the middle of town!20160309_065302

In an era where plastic is recycled,  our gutters are still choked with this waste. Empty water sachets are recycled into bags and many others. It’s a source of livelihood for some people.  Why don’t we package them after drinking water and hand over to those who go around picking them? Or better still give them back to the those from whom we buy the water, they know who to give them to. Continue reading “A WALK THROUGH TOWN”