Misplaced Priorities

There are a lot of pupils who need support in their education

WARNING!!! Please wash your hands before your read this post!!! In the midst of COVID 19, I decided to post this which I started writing several months ago, maybe it will take our minds of COVID 19 for a moment. It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in a small community in Northern Ghana, I was taking my school children through the final lesson of the day before we would close for the day. All of a sudden, it started raining and the 58 pupils started running helter skelter to seek cover from the rain, it was the time of the year when rain could fall without warning. In the pandemonium, they bumped into each other and some fell and bruised some parts of their skin but that did not stop them. This was one of the issues I had to deal with as a teacher in the community I have been posted to teach after my teacher training and have been there for over six years. The pupils gathered on the veranda of a church nearby and I also gathered my materials to join them there and we had to wait for the rain to subside before we can park the tables and chairs to safety and go to our various homes. Deep in my heart, I felt this was a clear sign of misplaced priorities.

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Real Threat or False Alarm

People are advised not to touch their phones

I dialed my mother’s number for the hundredth time and still no answer, to say I was frustrated is an understatement, I had tried calling all the neighbours who live close to her and all the people I could think of to have contact with her or any one who could help me get in touch with her but none answered either. This was unlike my mother or all the other people in my small village, if she misses my call, she calls back immediately she sees it. The only time I don’t get her is when her phone is switched off or when she is out of coverage area. But this time round, the phone rings without any answer.  I didn’t know what to do or who to call again, I had two options, to either travel to my village and see what the issue was, or call the police to check up on her for me.

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Happy IWD

Every year on the 8th of March, we hear of the world celebrating the woman! This day is set aside to celebrate women all over the world; in rural or urban areas, dark skinned or light skinned, religious or non-religious, rich or poor and so on and so forth. The woman whose day starts earlier than any other person in the family and whose day ends after everyone else has retired. We are celebrating the woman who by virtue of the fact that she is a wife, mother, or girl has to be a cook, a nurse, a teacher, a cleaner, a nutritionist, a pharmacist, a musician (you have no idea how she sings for her children) and still manage her job as well. We are also celebrating that woman who is not only strong but can recognises how to use that strength to better herself and others but also perceived as weak. 

Dashing Through the Mighty HARMATTAN…

the drying of waterbodies indicates the coming of harmattan

Seasons come and go and these seasons depend largely on the climate and the time of the year. Many people are quick to welcome other seasons like the rainy season but do not want to hear of other seasons, especially the harmattan season which is usually from late October to late March or early April. Some countries refer to this period as winter, for us in the temperate regions, that is our winter too, just that we don’t have any snow during this time. Unfortunately, we can’t do away with it, it is part of the seasons and the best we can do is enjoy it when it comes. Maybe the reason most people do not like this season is because of the heat that comes with it. Since harmattan occurs during the dry season and is characterized by dry north-eastern trade winds, it makes the weather extremely hot and dry.

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Pimped and Nothing

Social media has made it easier for people to become famous

It is a lot easier to become a celebrity these days, because of social media, one is able to connect easily and faster to a large group of people. Most of them are just crazy, doing things that are unsafe, uncomfortable and irrational simply because they can. At an early age, I started admiring the roles that young women in the various pageantries in Ghana play, I admired the way they are able to display the beautiful Ghanaian culture and how they speak English and get their audience to listen to all the things they do especially on stage. I also looked at the many television hosts and hostesses and told myself I was going to be like one of them one day. I started writing letters (letter writing was more common then) to some of these people I looked up to as role models while I was still in basic school. I never received any reply though, maybe the letters never got to them or they got to them but they did not reply. Maybe too, they replied but the replies never got to me.  Continue reading “Pimped and Nothing”

Bloody Democracy?

Ghana is noted for her democracy

We in Ghana are always emphasizing on democracy, decentralization and women inclusion in governance and decision-making to the point that governments spend a lot of money to create opportunities for women to engage in decision making. There are even countries that look up to Ghana as a model country, hence they are learning from her democracy to help implement better policies in their countries. Looking at the happenings in our country recently, one is tempted to ask if the country is behaving like the black prophet who preaches to the people what should be done and does the contrary, when questioned why he is behaving so, his response is, “do as I say but not as I do”. Maybe we are just practising democracy in theory. Continue reading “Bloody Democracy?”

Beautiful Monster

bracelets are Jewels worn on either the left or right wrists by both men and women

I am created beautiful, I can be created out of gold, silver, or any other durable metallic object and even beads. Sometimes, I am a combination of both metal and beads. When I am created out of beads, it brings out the African in me. There is no way you would say I am not beautiful when you see me. I am a twin…Yes I have a twin sister, but we are used similarly but differently on the body of a woman especially the African woman.

In as much as I’m beautiful, society has soiled me with dirt, which makes me look like a monster in the eyes of many. My white name has been soiled with muddy water leaving my twin sister being clean.. So I am alone in this battle. My image has been tarnished to the extent that, it goes a long way to affect those who use me. In fact, I can confidently say that they (my users) feel the heat and wrath of society more than I do. I thought I was an object of culture and fashion in the whole world but with time I realized I’m even treated like an outcast and a taboo in some parts of the world which affects those who use me.

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The Mobile Taxi

Sometimes you look too good to take a Trosky

Imagine that you live in Kumasi and you have to attend an important meeting in Accra, you received the notification the night before, you book a flight because if you have to drive all the way to Accra because you will be late. Upon getting to Accra, your friend who promised to give you one of his cars to use in Accra calls to inform you the car has developed a fault and he cannot pick you up because he is busy. You decide to pick a taxi but the driver quotes an amount that you cannot come to terms with, you do not even have enough cash on you. Then you remember that you ever downloaded an app called UBER that can take you to your destination. So you pull your smart phone from your pocket, check the price from your location to your destination and it is moderate, and also check the distance of the car from where you are and they are more than necessary cars available. You do the obvious, book the car and pay through mobile money at your arrival. As you enjoy the ride to your destination, you pass through some streets that are restricted (taxis are not allowed on the street), then you smile and ask yourself what would have happened if you used the taxi. Yes, that is the beauty of technology! You can book a cab from the comfort of your room in a discomfortable situation, maybe when it is raining. The major towns of operation in Ghana are Accra and Kumasi.  Continue reading “The Mobile Taxi”

The Woes of “Kurrency”

Solid waste can be recycled, reused, burned or buried

Various waste materials are disposed off in diverse ways. For instance drainage facilities carry some liquid waste to their destinations. Some solid waste can also be burned, buried or recycled. Have you ever wondered what happens to our currency when it loses its value? Do we burn it or throw it away? We all use and spend money but what happens to the money when it’s no longer valuable, what happens to it? Interestingly, no matter how bad or wretched-looking money is, the value remains the same. We all love to handle new money but unfortunately, many of us do not know how to take care of it. When people get new currency notes, they are reluctant to spend it. If this is the case, why do we allow that fresh note to get battered? Can we be careful how we handle them so that they can maintain the freshness for a long time? Maybe if money could speak, one day they will ask some of us questions about why we treat it the way we do.

Currency refers to money in any form when in actual use or circulation as a medium of exchange, especially circulating banknotes and coins. It is an undeniable fact that money is very important for all transactions throughout the world though different countries use different currencies; thus, one country’s currency cannot be used as a medium of exchange for goods and services in another country. Continue reading “The Woes of “Kurrency””