The Mobile Taxi

Sometimes you look too good to take a Trosky

Imagine that you live in Kumasi and you have to attend an important meeting in Accra, you received the notification the night before, you book a flight because if you have to drive all the way to Accra because you will be late. Upon getting to Accra, your friend who promised to give you one of his cars to use in Accra calls to inform you the car has developed a fault and he cannot pick you up because he is busy. You decide to pick a taxi but the driver quotes an amount that you cannot come to terms with, you do not even have enough cash on you. Then you remember that you ever downloaded an app called UBER that can take you to your destination. So you pull your smart phone from your pocket, check the price from your location to your destination and it is moderate, and also check the distance of the car from where you are and they are more than necessary cars available. You do the obvious, book the car and pay through mobile money at your arrival. As you enjoy the ride to your destination, you pass through some streets that are restricted (taxis are not allowed on the street), then you smile and ask yourself what would have happened if you used the taxi. Yes, that is the beauty of technology! You can book a cab from the comfort of your room in a discomfortable situation, maybe when it is raining. The major towns of operation in Ghana are Accra and Kumasi.  Continue reading “The Mobile Taxi”


The Woes of “Kurrency”

Solid waste can be recycled, reused, burned or buried

Various waste materials are disposed off in diverse ways. For instance drainage facilities carry some liquid waste to their destinations. Some solid waste can also be burned, buried or recycled. Have you ever wondered what happens to our currency when it loses its value? Do we burn it or throw it away? We all use and spend money but what happens to the money when it’s no longer valuable, what happens to it? Interestingly, no matter how bad or wretched-looking money is, the value remains the same. We all love to handle new money but unfortunately, many of us do not know how to take care of it. When people get new currency notes, they are reluctant to spend it. If this is the case, why do we allow that fresh note to get battered? Can we be careful how we handle them so that they can maintain the freshness for a long time? Maybe if money could speak, one day they will ask some of us questions about why we treat it the way we do.

Currency refers to money in any form when in actual use or circulation as a medium of exchange, especially circulating banknotes and coins. It is an undeniable fact that money is very important for all transactions throughout the world though different countries use different currencies; thus, one country’s currency cannot be used as a medium of exchange for goods and services in another country. Continue reading “The Woes of “Kurrency””


Life Hacks With Dr.C

If you are reading this blog post, congratulations!  You just passed the… Naah, you probably read that somewhere before! 

In the space of 3 weeks, since RAW IS WAR VOl.1, I have made more enemies than psychopathy ever made Hitler and well, been seen as the Ghanaian hero who saved the world from a possible Herpes pandemic. I should join Earth’s mightiest heroes- the Avengers. What will I be called? Herpes-Man or Gono-man? Wheew! The choice is yours!

Nevertheless, if you are reading this blog post, I am pretty sure you have read the critically acclaimed  RAW IS WAR Vol 1. Give it a thoughtful read.

Top Comments from Vol. 1:

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I honestly have to emphasize, “RAW IS WAR” isn’t to scare you. Truth be told, you are more likely to die by a plane crash than an STI.  Rather, these blog posts are to educate you on…

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A Bite… and Chained for Life?


A lot of women suffer from menstrual cramps and take all kinds of medication to kill the pains.

Once upon a time I used to suffer a lot every month when my period was due(most ladies will understand). I tried several doctors, hospitals and painkillers but the pain was always severe. There were times I used hot water bottles and ice cubes to massage my abdomen just to get relieved of the pain. The story never changed. Anytime my period was over, I am excited and jubilate like a prisoner who has been freed from prison. After speaking with one of my doctor friends about the situation, he gave me some green and yellow capsules to swallow. These capsules were to help kill the pain and make me feel better. He asked me to swallow one in the morning and one in the evening for just a day. I swallowed two in the morning and two in the evening for three consecutive days with the mind that it would work faster and better and the pain will die faster. The pain died alright, I felt better too so I felt good and continued taking the capsules. I was very active with no pains and felt my problem was solved, little did I know I was in for the worst.

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About Schools, Scams and Shawshank

Life Hacks With Dr.C

There’s a new scam in town. Well, not so new, since it’s been around for a pretty long while. It’s not a Ponzi scheme, and it’s definitely not sim swap fraud. It’s worse than those, and yet it’s so well accepted by everyone. Actually, it’s an idea so well sold that your grandpa will question why you haven’t bought into it yet.

I have been thinking a lot these days about a lot of things. That might be because I’m an unemployed graduate (who now knows there are 48 full and 28 half tiles in the loo). Could also be because lately, I’ve been reading a lot of stuff. Whichever, who cares.
One of those thoughts has been ‘why did I go to school?‘. Too many nights have passed and I still can’t think of a good enough reason.

Now I tried getting views from other people, both young and…

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Keep It Private

Mama my stomach, I want to poo. Mama I want to poo”… cried 12-year-old Bayuo as she

In the middle of the night, the poor girl woke her mama up because she needed to use the toilet

woke her mother up. Hold on, shouted her father as he searched for a torchlight to give to the wife to take the girl to the Bush to ease herself. This was about the third or fourth time they had gone through this ordeal and it was just 2:30am. This time, luck was not on their side because before they could get to the main entrance of the large compound they share with other tenants, 12-year-old Bayuo had already eased on herself and the watery stool was all over the place.  Her mother who stood with hands on her waist in an akimbo position could not help but hit the poor girl who was already suffering on the head.That involuntary action by the mother sent the girl sprawling to the ground and it looked as if life had left her body…

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Life Hacks With Dr.C

Life Hacks With DrC just got bigger and better. With over 600 visitors and 1500 plus views since I started actively posting in February, I must say I am dumbstruck.

For starters, what started as a casual writeup from my cockpit of boredom has become an unexpected sensation. Inspiring several people, giving hope to the depressed and radically nebulizing the choke of ignorance in the masses.

This means, the pressure to deliver consistent amazing shit is maddening.

In view of this, coupled with upcoming stressful periods of intense exams, I’ve got some good friends on board to help cater for your lust of impacting blog posts.

New to LHWDRC is the Myth Buster section. In here we are going to…Wait! Hold your guns! What is a surprise without necessary mental foreplay???

There will be daily motivational quote to light some fire down your passive bums. All in all expect some…

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“SM” Wahala

Post Stamp
Post stamps are needed to send letters from one place to the other

Over the years, means of communication have gone through many changes and we still see many changes day in and day out. From the stone age, smoke, drums and messengers (people whose role was to carry messages from one place to the other) were used to carry information. Later, letter writing became the order of the day and we all thought that was the best means of communication till they brought something they called a telephone. I remember how I use to walk importantly to the post office to post letters to my friends who were in other parts of the country. You can imagine how my head will swell anytime we have our morning assembly in school and my name is mentioned to receive a letter. And whenever we have lessons on English composition in class, I will pay so much attention because I want to write letters that will impress my friends.

Social media

Before the invention of the telephone was telegram, which was fster than the letter, but the telephone made communication quite easy, fast and convenient for those who could afford it. There were times one had to walk several kilometers away from their homes to receive calls from their loved ones. Today, we can boast of the mobile phone which has made communication even easier, faster and more convenient. The first mobile phone that was invented several years ago and the mobile phones we use today have a lot of difference with the current mobile phones having an upper hand over the very first ones. Continue reading ““SM” Wahala”

A Guide on A Side

Teacher on blackboard great
A teacher writing on the blackboard

Teaching is a noble profession. It is no surprise that I often hear people say “if you can read and write, thank the teacher”, this even true but I think it is an understatement because the teacher does not only teach us to read and write but they also teach us a lot of things, from how to sweep, dress, housekeeping, how to interact with people and many other things which we do not count. The teacher (right from the very beginning of school to the highest level of education) is also, a parent, a guardian, a counselor, a role model, and many more. Many parents are given credit when their children are well-behaved and live up to expectation of the society forgetting that the teacher played a role in the formation of the child. Many a times, we only hear of the “bad deeds” so to speak of teachers. A teacher was caught pounding fufu during school hours, a teacher was caught stealing, a teacher has beaten a pupil and hurt him or her, theses are just a few of the news we hear about people who have devoted their full service to humanity. 

Teaching is the source of all other professions

The lawyer, doctor, law makers, pilot, engineer, people in the security services, farmer, pharmacist and so on all owe it to the teacher although we often overlook that. We are only interested in pointing out their mistakes. We use the academic performance of school children to judge whether the teacher is doing his work well or not. Continue reading “A Guide on A Side”

The Last Choice???

Sometimes you wonder if life is worth living

There are so many times when I give up on life and feel it ending it all by taking my life. During those times, I feel life is not worth living and I also think the people around me do not care about me at all. I know I am not the only one who goes through these occasional change in mood. It is human to feel distressed sometimes or feel that people do not love us the way they ought to. But how do we handle these feelings when they come up? Is it always a better choice to end one’s own life? In this era when we are always thinking about terrorism, global violence, and murder, we often forget the fact that worldwide more people are killing themselves than those who die in all wars, terrorist acts and interpersonal violence put together. many others who did not succeed in ending their lives ended up with serious health issues. Continue reading “The Last Choice???”